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All you need to know about each of our class types


Beginner Class

You've seen us online or know someone that comes along and you have decided to give it a go. Yus!!

Our beginner class is for you. 
This class is aimed at those who have never stepped before or only tried it 1 or 2 times.

In this class we go over all the basic calls, take things at a slower pace and give you the chance to learn alongside people who are at the same level as you.

We don't have a regular class time/day for this yet but we are locking in a monthly session real soon. We do offer these classes on demand if there are enough people wanting to give it a go for the first time. 

Watch the creator of XHH run you through the basics by clicking the link below.

step website.jpg

XHH 2.0

If you are attending our XHH 2.0 class, you have moved on from 'beginner level' Nice Work!!! 

In this class we don't cover off each call or move so ideally you will have some understanding of these.

This is held weekly on a Tuesday at the Lower Hutt Events Centre.



You're a pro! 
You are definitely set for our intermediate class held weekly at the Walter Nash in Taita.
You know all the moves, attend regularly and could be up there instructing 

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